Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Here's to Christmas!

I must confess I'm using this post to make myself a list for the next couple of weeks. After traveling home after Thanksgiving in Tennessee (what a wonderful time with family and friends!) on I-10 with half of Americans, we hit the ground running.

Mark had driven 14 1/2 hours, unloaded the truck (we brought home several things), then asked me if I would like him to set the Christmas tree up. I couldn't believe how sweet that was. It was 9 p.m. and he went into the garage and retrieved the box. After quickly assembling the tree, we fell into bed for a good night's rest. The next day I did the re-entry thing; laundry, sorting, cleaning so I could put up decorations. Monday night we went to dinner with our good friends, Mike and Francine Creecy, who were here for Thanksgiving with their girls, Brad and new grandbaby, Morgan.

Tuesday I set up the nativities, did more laundry, changed sheets, cleaned some more. Mom is due on Thursday, and I want things in good shape for her. I put up the cookie tree in the kitchen and decorated the big tree. We got out the Dickens houses for the dining room. We took our photo for our Christmas card.

Today I finished a lot of previously unfinished things. I found some items I had purchased last year on sale to add to the Christmas decor. Set those out. Cleaned the kitchen. More laundry. Set up the Dickens Village and got all the lights in them appropriately. I cut some magnolia off our tree and put it in the dining room fixture. I hung some pretty ornaments from it, too. I still have to clean up, put boxes away, etc. I also organized our Life Group decorating two tables for the Christmas Cafe Sunday night and our progressive dinner Saturday, Dec 11.

Thursday morning I'm meeting good friends for coffee.
Pick up mom at 1:30 ish.
Drive to REI on Westheimer for a final small thing for Ross.
Go to grocery. Buy things for mom to eat as well as prepare two of my most famous desserts for our Christmas Cafe at church on Sunday; chocolate fantasy cake and ultimate cheesecake.
Go to Post Office where they will draw more blood for one last package for the Italian Stowers.
Friday we are going to Richmond to get some more pecans. Gotta love Texas pecans.
I'll probably bake my cheesecake that day, too.
Saturday I'll bake the cake for the chocolate fantasy and put it in the freezer. It has to be frozen in order to frost's sooooo moist.
Mark will put the lights outside and clean up the yard after being gone for 2 1/2 weeks. We will probably grocery shop for Tuesday nights dinner....see below.

Sunday we have church. I'll go back around 2 to begin to decorate our tables. I'll also take some Show Hope merchandise I picked up in Nashville. We are using this season to promote interest in our new 1:17 ministry at The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch. The Christmas Cafe benefits this new ministry which will help families in our church with the cost of adoption. We will enjoy the evening filled with Christmas music and lovely desserts!

Monday we will prepare for a dinner party for 15 of Mark's staff. It is a lovely evening. I'll prepare what I can ahead of time.

Tuesday we will get everything ready for dinner so Mom and I can join the Feathered Chicks (ladies who worked at The Feathered Star Quilt Shop) at The Taste of Texas. Tuesday will be a food overload day for sure! We'll get home in time to run items in the oven. Mark will grill. We'll enjoy the evening together.

Oh, and by the way, we are giving Mom a netbook for Christmas and I will be teaching her how to navigate the internet and email everyday while she's here.

Wednesday we don't have any plans. I'm sure we'll come up with something! Mani/Pedis maybe?

Thursday Mom returns to Tennessee. I'm going to my friend Becky's house for a benefit for The Apparent Project, an effort to help parents in Haiti provide for their children.

Friday I get my hair done and we have Mark's office party that evening.

Saturday is our progressive dinner with our Life Group. We are hosting the main course, so I'll have to figure that out sometime! HA

As of now, we are done after that until Christmas where we are having a couple of ladies from Mark's office for Christmas dinner. Our kids are all somewhere else this year, so it will be just the two of us....for the first time in 31 years! Even then we went to our parents' houses, etc. so this is really is a first.

It's all good and part of God's plan for us....this year at least!

Thanks for letting me make my list. I hope it didn't bore you too much!