Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lessons from a Left Hander

I'm lefthanded. Very dominately so.  All my life.

At least I thought so until I had a small cyst removed from the tall finger knuckle of my right hand, rendering it practically useless. I've  learned I do use that right hand for many important functions in my life. Such as:

1. Contacts. I've been wearing contacts since I was 13 years old. I use my right hand to put in my contacts. More specifically, the middle finger of my right hand is crucial to holding my eye open while I put both right and left contacts in. Who knew?

2. Opening things.  Everything from the half and half to yogurt, to the toothpaste. I open these first with my right hand.

3. Unbuttoning my pants. Yes, I unbutton my pants with my right hand. Surprise.

4.  Rotary cutting. I do predominately use my left hand, but am surprised how often I employ my right for the "other side" cutting.

5. Makeup application. Never knew it was so hard with one hand.

6. Threading my sewing machines. Yesterday I finished a quilt on my long arm. I was surprised how much of the procedure requires my right hand. Including threading and pulling up the bobbin thread as well as putting in the bobbin on both the long arm and domestic machines.

Conclusion.: you learn something new everyday. About yourself too!  Also, do not schedule what you think will be a nothing procedure with little downtime when you have a few deadlines hanging over your head!