Tuesday, April 21, 2009


After waiting patiently, Mark finally got his big, big, really big, tv. He has been wanting one for so long, but would not let himself buy one until our house closed. He got a bonus in the fall and one at Christmas that would have covered it, but he was very disciplined. Well, here he is standing beside his new baby. It is 52 inches of viewing fun and lots of other features. The only thing I know how to do is turn the thing on which is a techno feat in itself!

I'll be absent for a little while as we are leaving for Nashville tomorrow. I have no computer there, so I won't be able to update or check in with you! Anna-Ruth, my niece, gets married this Saturday and I am staying in town until time for Grace's graduation from UT on May 8. Did I mention that she is graduating Magna Cum Laude? That she missed Summa Cum Laude by .02 of one point? So proud of her. She is such a smart girl, but works diligently at everything she does.

Ross and Lindsay got their apartment in Italy. It is the original one that Ross saw in March, and he was persistent enough that the landlord finally agreed to rent to them. (He had not wanted to rent to someone he didn't know!) God had other plans and well, as bittersweet as it is, they will be moving in about 5 or 6 weeks. Go to Lindsay or Ross' facebook page to see pictures or Lindsay will probably blog about it soon at www.stowersfamilyblog@blogspot.com

Robert is finishing up his first year at seminary and doing very well. He is mastering Greek and all kinds of theological and deep thinking. In other words, he is becoming more and more learned. (pronounced learn-ned) Who'd a thunk it?
I guess he gets it from me.....hahaha.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Check out Lindsay's latest blog!

Check out Lindsay's latest installment at www.stowersfamily@blogspot.com. Apparently life has changed in a new and challenging way!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It is finished so it can begin!

After a long road, our house in Nashville closed yesterday. We have waited for this for so long (2 years total) that it doesn't seem totally real. It was not without drama, including having to empty the garbage before closing even though the garbage collection is today, but none the less, it's done!

The Lord God has been so very real through this process of ups and downs and taught us so much about how to learn to trust him even when we think all hope is lost. We were going into the second month of paying two housenotes/rent and saw that it was going to be such a struggle if not impossible to make those payments. God was on time with the buyer for our house. We saw his hand of provision when we thought all was for naught. We saw why our house didn't sell in 2007 because we would be moving here in 2008. We learned he wanted us to come here before the house sold so we could trust him with every breath we took to provide for us. We have both grown in so many ways. It has been a total joy to watch my sweet husband continue to give it all up, which is totally against his accountant nature, and trust God. He is totally sold out to our loving God and Savior is a fresh and new way. He is leading me as a godly husband should. He is such a testimony of walking in faith. Yes, we still were antsy yesterday until it all happened and emotionally exhausted before it was all done, but we were held up, loved on, reassured of His faithfulness and knew no matter what we were right in the middle of God's hand. He orchestrated it all for our good and growth. Whatever financial losses we took, we were more than compensated by the closeness gained to God and each other. No price can be placed on what we've learned and where we've been led. God is in charge of all that too and is fully capable of restoring what he feels we need.

This could go on and on, but I am reminded of when Moses was taking the Israelites out of Egypt and their backs were up against the Red Sea with Pharoah pursuing them. They thought there was no way out. It was either return to bondage or die in the sea. Just then, God opened a new way, a most creative way, a perfect way to safety, peace and growth to the promised land. He promised to take care of them. He promises to take care of us. Not just physically, but more importantly our souls, hearts, futures are in the hands of a God who loves us with an undying, everlasting love we can't begin to fathom.

Soli Deo Gloria. God alone is to be praised for the great works he has done.

Now for a couple of precious pictures!

Colton in his Easter outfit!

What a pretty family!

I couldn't get the pictures of Grace and her friend, Anna, to download from facebook, and don't have a recent picture of Robert and Charissa. We'll get great ones at Anna-Ruth's wedding in a couple of weeks!