Friday, January 23, 2009

See? Today I'm doing a better job!

Kisses for a sleepy boy.

I'm posting after only 2 days, so I'm doing better. at least for today.

Some things I'm trying in the new year:

I'm drinking at least a gallon of water a day. I fill this giant gallon-sized sippy thing I bought at Walmart for $2.50, red. really pretty, with filtered water from my fridge and try to consume it in one day. I've eliminated a drink at lunch and keep it with me at all times. So far I've been successful more than not, but this is my concession to trying to lose weight.

I'm not buying cookies. If I need a cookie, I bake one from a pre-packaged Nestle bag. I only allow myself one and no more often than every other day. I always have something to look forward to! By the way, the white chocolate macedamia and turtle varieties are quite tasty and you can only bake one at a time if you want.

I'm walking some. I'm trying to keep track of how far I've walked and so far this year, I've walked 8 miles on purpose. This is in addition to walking from the couch to the kitchen, etc. I'm hoping to walk 100 miles by May. I guess I need to quit blogging and get out there!

I'm going places where I know no one. I'm trying quilt guilds, quilt shops, women's community groups, Bible studies, etc. So far so good. No one has been mean or unkind and I've actually made a few friends!

Speaking of Bible studies, I'm taking "Wrestling with God" by Kay Arthur. It is a four week study with pretty intense homework every day. That's new for me, too. Incidentally, the title of the study is pretty relevant don't you think? Do you even know me? How did I get here in Katy, anyway. I guess God won that match! HAHA

Well, if I'm going to be posting more often, they won't be as long. Have a great day! God is on His throne and has us all in His hands! How comforting!

Some random pictures:
Our Christmas Cookies in production

Lindsay, inspired by the Twilight series, makes a vampire snowman. That's just wrong.

Our great-nephew (Boy does that make me sound OLD!), Tee Foster
Would you buy a used car from this boy?

Grace and Emma-Claire Foster doing an excellent job coloring!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've Turned into a Lazy Blogger!

Cute Face! Our sweet Colton! Yes, his eyes are BLUE!

Robert and Charissa Opening our Christmas presents.

While I love reading the blogs I've tagged at the bottom of my page, I'm afraid I've become lazy when it comes to updating mine! How did I get so busy all of a sudden?

In the past month, we've been to Nashville for Christmas for 9 days, drove to St. Louis to see Robert and Charissa for a little over 24 hours, my mom fell and seperated her shoulder which meant she couldn't come back to Houston with us as planned for Christmas with Ross, Lindsay, Colton and Grace. We spent a week enjoying R, L, Colton and Grace along with Mark's mom, Nana. Then after New Year's another Creecy daughter, almost one of ours through a lifelong friendship, moved to Houston. We got to see Mike and Francine Creecy and help a little with Sarah's move. We've been to church at The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch (check it out online!) and been to their membership class. We've not joined yet as I just can't yet, but really like it and the people. Tonight we will begin Bible studies. Mine is about some Old Testament "Losers", who really weren't and Mark is taking Financial Peace. Is that a contradiction in terms? HAHA We are really looking forward to it. Plus, we have been going to a small group, called Life Groups here. It has been fun to get to know 6 other couples in our age range. Funny, we are all imperfect! Go figure!

I've been a regular at the Wednesday Sit and Sew at The Feathered Star where I'll teach my first class in Texas this Thursday. (Please pray for me!) It's an introduction to Paper Piecing. I've also been practicing, practicing, practicing on my long arm machine who I've affectionately named "Jane." Long story, but it's a family name......sort of. I have another class starting next week and a third which will begin when the next one ends.

So, we've been busy. I wish we were going to be watching the Titans in the Superbowl, but I guess we'll all have to wait for next year.

Keep praying for our house to sell. We're nearing the deadline, but it is all in God's hands. He knows our every need and will fill them!

I'll post more pictures soon. I promise not to wait a month for the next update!
The following is Aunt Grace reading to Colton!