Friday, September 26, 2008

What a fun day!

I woke up today realizing I was a grandmother! What a great blessing! Since we are moving soon and the boxes had been bought and assembled, I can no longer procrastinate. I started with cleaning out the remainder of Grace's closet. I started a "yard sale" box for sure! Then I went to the hall linen closet. I store all kinds of things there...things I didn't want in the heat of the attic. So, after the sheets, beach towels, and surprise surprise, quilts, there were quite a few Christmas ornaments bought on sale for this next year, all our Christmas stockings, etc. Then I proceeded to the coat closet in the hallway. In the top of that closet were all sorts of old pictures that used to hang on the wall when they were new. Ross, Robert, and Grace in all ages. I also ran across a picture frame that had been "creweled" (a form of needlework) for Ross when he was born. In that little frame was this picture. Ross was about 2 weeks old here.

Now compare this to Colton's first pics. Now I may be a prejudiced Gigi, but this apple did not fall far from the tree!

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