Saturday, November 1, 2008

Never Fear! Texas has not killed us!

Well, it feels great to be connected to the world again. We just got our internet service late yesterday! Ike has taken a toll on the area's ability to provide service quickly. We will get satellite tv service Monday! Yea! I'll get football again!

There is a lot to catch up on! Our move went extremely well. Our mover, Ward DeWitt (Charles' brother) was the best. We only had one small accident and it occurred to my new (new to me) quilt machine table. It fell from its place in the truck and has a small crack in the table part. It does not impede me from proper use and may be replaced, but we will see. (Here is where the Farm Bureau insurance gets tested Roy!) Everything else arrived least what arrived. Ward underestimated the mass quantities of our stuff and will have to bring some attic contents at a later time. Oh well, for those of you who know, most of our junk has been in storage for approximately 2 years so I'm used to not having it. Only parts of it are valuable to us anyway. Mark's yard tools, etc. They will get here eventually then I will have to find a place for it!

Speaking of finding places. It is amazing how my furniture that was stuffed into a 1500 sf house fits nicely into a 2800 sf home. I love having the space to move and store stuff. Our master closet is amazing and holds all our clothes without them being in various parts of the house or stored in tubs for out of season, etc.

I will say the amount of sewing/fabric/kits/creative stuff is beyond ridiculous. I really don't need to purchase another thing for as long as I live and will have stuff left over. Get ready. I will be sharing with those of you so inclined. I will add to that the original plan to move to Kingston Springs would have included a party to share the excess with my beloved Hope House Quilters after settling. Now I will bring home an extra suitcase filled with goodies each time we venture to Nashville.

Speaking of venturing to Nashville, Mark has business with Star Physical Therapy in November, so we will be there Nov 16-21! I will get to go to Christmas Village! Yea! Call me and we will connect while we're there!

Be sure to check stowersfamilyblog to see the latest developments with our darling Colton! They post pics and stories regularly for us long distance grandparents/aunts/uncles.

This has rambled on too long and boxes of creative stuff are calling to be unpacked/discovered.


Nate and Jenn Miller said...

Yeah! So glad to hear that you are alive and well in the great state of TX! We miss you here, but hope you are adjusting well to you new home!! :)

Rhonda said...

Hey Connie!!

So glad to know you have a blog, so it'll be easier to keep up with you...YES, I was one sick girl...I can't tell you how awful it was. I was completely worthless for about 6 weeks. I just laid in bed and didn't even feel well enough to read or watch TV...horrible.

Anyway, I'm gonna read up on your blog so that I can get caught up on all your happenings.

Sounds like your move went well. I will miss you around here. I wish you could see Tyler play this year. He's doing amazingly well and we are so proud of how far God has brought him physically and spiritually. He has the sweetest, most tender heart and has been an absolute joy. He was accepted to Samford, and that's where he thinks he wants to go as of now.

Well, I'll catch up more later!

Love you!