Friday, January 23, 2009

See? Today I'm doing a better job!

Kisses for a sleepy boy.

I'm posting after only 2 days, so I'm doing better. at least for today.

Some things I'm trying in the new year:

I'm drinking at least a gallon of water a day. I fill this giant gallon-sized sippy thing I bought at Walmart for $2.50, red. really pretty, with filtered water from my fridge and try to consume it in one day. I've eliminated a drink at lunch and keep it with me at all times. So far I've been successful more than not, but this is my concession to trying to lose weight.

I'm not buying cookies. If I need a cookie, I bake one from a pre-packaged Nestle bag. I only allow myself one and no more often than every other day. I always have something to look forward to! By the way, the white chocolate macedamia and turtle varieties are quite tasty and you can only bake one at a time if you want.

I'm walking some. I'm trying to keep track of how far I've walked and so far this year, I've walked 8 miles on purpose. This is in addition to walking from the couch to the kitchen, etc. I'm hoping to walk 100 miles by May. I guess I need to quit blogging and get out there!

I'm going places where I know no one. I'm trying quilt guilds, quilt shops, women's community groups, Bible studies, etc. So far so good. No one has been mean or unkind and I've actually made a few friends!

Speaking of Bible studies, I'm taking "Wrestling with God" by Kay Arthur. It is a four week study with pretty intense homework every day. That's new for me, too. Incidentally, the title of the study is pretty relevant don't you think? Do you even know me? How did I get here in Katy, anyway. I guess God won that match! HAHA

Well, if I'm going to be posting more often, they won't be as long. Have a great day! God is on His throne and has us all in His hands! How comforting!

Some random pictures:
Our Christmas Cookies in production

Lindsay, inspired by the Twilight series, makes a vampire snowman. That's just wrong.

Our great-nephew (Boy does that make me sound OLD!), Tee Foster
Would you buy a used car from this boy?

Grace and Emma-Claire Foster doing an excellent job coloring!


Nate and Jenn Miller said...

HAHAHAHA! I LOVE that Linds made a vampire snowman...was it Edward or Bella? I love the twilight series!!! :)

char said...

good job on keeping up the blogging!!! I'm trying to do better too :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Connie, what a sweet picture of you and Colton. Keep blogging, I love keeping up with your new life in Katy. See you next month.

Tracy Bro said...

You are so funny. Did you have a picture of the vampire snowman? I'd love to see that!