Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Sweetness of a Lime Tree

I will blog about our time with Ross, Lindsay, and Colton in a few days. It's still too fresh and I don't want to ruin the keyboard with tears!

BUT, on the other hand, I will share something sweet about our new house. We have a beautiful back yard, small by Tennessee standards, but very well landscaped and cared for. Mark thought it would be fun to plant a citrus tree as we moved in and be able to harvest fruit in the next couple of years from it. We discussed what type of tree. Neither of us are too excited about oranges, so I suggested lemon or lime. If you know anything about us, you know we like our limes........margaritas and key lime pie, etc. So, we decided that a lime tree would be what we would plant in our new back yard.

We took our dear friends, Patti and Andy Watson, to see our house last weekend. They seemed to really like it and we ventured out into the back yard. There was a beautiful white crepe myrtle blossoming in the middle of the yard. We looked and there was another mature tree right next to it.....would you believe a lime tree covered with small limes? I jumped for joy! We take it that the Lord had this house picked out for us and was confirming it with this sweet reminder that He thinks of everything. He knows the desires of our hearts and reminds us that he cares for the smallest details of our lives.

Pie anyone!?!

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