Monday, October 12, 2009

Photos of the outside of our new home

Thanks to Grace posting these on Facebook, I have a couple of pictures of the outside of our new home. Come on over for a good long visit!

Funny, we are the only ones on our street or in our neighborhood sporting this pretty orange flag instead of the ugly brownish/orange with a "T" I see so often here! The neighbor's also has these longhorns on them! I guess they don't really understand what the "T" really stands for! I've seen the maroon "T" with a small "a" and small "m" on either side and the red with two black "T's" on top of each other, but this is the only pretty orange one!


Rhonda said...

I started posting here the other day and got stopped, then never came back and finished......but I love your new abode! So homey! Love all the quilts, of course! Hope all is well in KATY!! We miss you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home! I have to say though, I don't understand all that strange talk about those foreign "T" flags. As near as I can tell, y'all are basically missionaries in a hostile land. We'll pray for you-let us know if you're sending round support letters!

Miss you-let me know when & if you're ever coming to TN again! Love you!