Friday, November 6, 2009

November in Texas

I'm very proud of myself....Mark is out of town and I took these photos off the camera and loaded them to the computer without even a phone call to ask "how!"

Mark took these last Sunday.
The hibiscus blooming in our backyard.

The Satsuma tree in our backyard.....loaded with fruit! We've tasted some and they aren't quite ready! A satsuma is a combination of a tangerine and orange sort of.....they are a little tart yet, but they will be ready soon! Mark had to build braces under the tree to keep the branches from breaking under the weight of the fruit. This particular citrus, I'm told, dates back to the type of orange they would have had in Biblical times.

The piece de resistance! Mark's tomatoes! This was taken the first day of November, 2009. He is so proud of them and they have persevered despite the torrential rains we've had. I'm told (you know I don't like tomatoes!) they are really very tasty.......if you like them that is. What a proud farmer I have as a hubby!


Rhonda said...

Wow, Connie! What farmers y'all are! I love that fruit'll have to look up recipes for that fruit. Hope y'all are doing well....I'm getting ready for a TENNESSEE CHRISTMAS over here...dragging out all my decorations and overwhelmed with how much there is to do with no help! haha! That's the reason I start so dang early, b/c it takes me forever to get it all up. ML's loving it excited about Santa! Well, call us whenever you're coming to visit so we can see you!

Tell Mark hi! Toodles!

Rhonda said...

Connie, you blog less than I do! Get with it and let us know what's happening in Katy!