Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some More Pics of Colton

Thanks, Aunt Jenn, for posting these on Facebook. I'll put a few on for the blog followers.

Colton will be 2 on Sept 25. They had a party while Aunt Jenn and Uncle Nate were there to enjoy the fun! I can hardly believe he's already 2!

Believe I'll have a little taste!

Note the cars on his tray. The child LOVES anything with wheels!
This is what I call a sly look. He's sizing everything up. Love the batman shirt!
I'll post more later!

Happy Almost Birthday, Colton!

1 comment:

The Mom said...

I just cannot believe how much he looks like a Stowers. Dem are some darn good genese you got dere and strong to boot!
Love you guys and miss seeing you 'round here!