Thursday, May 28, 2009

This Could Be "Dallas," not Katy!

Oh, the drama. Mark and I went looking at houses right as our house in Nashville was closing, so April 15th or so. We saw two we liked, but one had a tiny, tiny yard with no room for tomatoes, so we nixed that one. The other was a great house, but we didn't have to hurry, so we decided to wait to see if anything else better came along, etc. While I was in Nashville for Anna-Ruth's wedding, so April 25, I received an email from the automatic system I'm signed up for, saying that the price of the house we really liked had been reduced. We called our agent and he said we needed to move on it. (Don't they all say that?) So we negotiated a deal with owners with the contingency that we could get out of our lease without too much expense. Our realtor assured us that with the time of year the house would be available, it should cost us our deposit and not much more. We were agreeable to that since the interest rates are fabulous right now and a loss of a deposit is much less than the cost of a mortgage in the long run.

The landlord is an employee of the State Dept and is located overseas (I think in Brazil.) Needless to say, timely communications with him have been difficult. At first he seemed agreeable to letting us out of our lease. Then he turned around and said that we would have to guarantee the full lease even if we moved out. Well, that would be a cost that could have taken all of us (Mark, Connie, Grace, Robert, and Charissa) to Italy, so we decided to let the house go and stay here until the lease expired. There would be other houses.

After telling the owners of the house on Lodge Meadows "thanks, but we can't right now" Mark planted some tomatoes in the back yard. We had a real peace throughout the entire process. Mark even asked me if I really wanted to do this because I didn't seem excited enough. I told him I was guarding my heart as it has been broken so many times by real estate transactions or the lack thereof for the past 2 1/2 years. I confirmed that I really liked the house, but if we didn't get it, it was ok, that God has something else for us.

Well, the Monday after letting the house go, we received an email from our landlord agreeing to the first provisions we proposed to him two weeks prior. Believe me, we had been around the bend several times and back and forth and it is kind of incredible, ok, God, that he came back with this.

We reissued the offer on the house and will be moving around June 20. I've attached the link if you would like to see it. It is 2923 sq which is exactly TWICE the size of our house on Sedberry. It cost less than what we sold the house on Sedberry for. It is in a great neighborhood and close to all the things we've come accustomed to here in the great state of Texas. Crazy isn't it?

Lesson learned.....hopefully for a lifetime. Let Go and Let God. I remember my daddy saying that to me over and over. God has great plans and will accomplish them no matter the attempts of man to thwart Him.

Now to get packing!

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Nate and Jenn said...

It is beautiful! Congrats!