Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where Do I Begin?

We are settling into our new home. Whew! It was only 104 on the day of the big move. Mark insisted on moving us himself with the help of 2 other younger guys. I'm convinced he had a mild heat stroke as Sunday he was somewhat disoriented, couldn't think straight, and could not get cool no matter what! Several ice packs and some rest later, he returned to himself and, you know him, back to work! He needs to remember that he's not 26 anymore!

We are so blessed and humbled by what the Lord has provided for us. We have a lovely home we never dreamed possible. Already the rooms have been filled with a great visit from my mama, and parts of the Creecy family have spent the night 2 seperate times so far! Such fun.

I'll take pictures and post them soon. We've worked really hard and have the dining room, family room, kitchen, the bedrooms and sewing room box free! There are about 4 boxes in our bedroom in the "why did I keep this and what am I going to do with it" category. But out of 100+ boxes, we are doing pretty good!

We spent the Fourth of July working here at the house. There was a wonderful fireworks display in downtown Houston, and we had an invitation for rooftop viewing from Sarah Creecy's apartment building, but with the heat, the traffic, etc., and we were in the ceiling fan shuffle mode, we did the old people thing and watched it on tv. Mark put up a new ceiling fan (I know its not a designer's dream, but necessary here in HOT Houston!) in the family room then moved the one from the family room to Grace's bedroom. We have plans for a new one in our bedroom and move that one to another bedroom or the playroom upstairs.

We had built in to the budget (yes, I said budget.....Mark is a graduate of Financial Peace University) for a nice patio set for our covered patio. Last Monday I went to arrange for delivery of our new sofa at Tista's Home Furnishings, my new favorite furniture store. If you had seen Mark's face when we tested sofas and he sat in "Lazy Boy" type sofas and recliners, you would know how much that man missed his recliner. I made an executive decision that we would not use the patio set in 100+ degree weather anyway and they would be on sale later in the summer, and bought him a new recliner as a surprise. I will be honest, I'm not a fan of the look of a traditional recliner and tried to find an easy-chair-but-it-is-really-a-recliner-type chair for him, but when I saw the one I bought and then sat in it, it didn't matter. That man needs a good man-type recliner. He deserves it for all the hard work he put in to get us here, so I surprised him. When they delivered the sofa, the recliner came too. If you remember the last time I surprised him with a large purchase without his input, his truck, you will know he was not at all pleased. So, I was a little nervous although a recliner is not a truck as you well know. However, when he saw the recliner and I quickly explained that the patio set was off the table and this chair was for him, he just sat in it, rared back, closed his eyes and grinned that grin I love so much. He was a happy man.

I'll post pictures soon. Come visit! We have lots of room and love visitors! Southwest is having a sale for the next 48 hours! Book your flight now!


Hedge said...

I bet it's nice and balmy in Houston. Tell Mark he leaves town and we go from 1st to 3rd in the softball league. Maybe we will take up a collection and fly him back next year.

We miss you guys! Tell R,R, & G we said hello


Dana said...

I love ceiling fans in dens! Don't listen to the decorating gurus...we do what we must! I can't wait to see pics of the new house!

I am now going to check out the Ross family blog...so much fun! Love you guys!

Dana said...

oops...I meant Stowers family blog! See...I really went there!