Friday, September 18, 2009

A Little Update

I've been very busy these last days. My mom was here for a visit and left yesterday. We had a wonderful time. I miss her so much.

My other mom, Mark's mama, is coming Monday night to see us, so I'm preparing for her visit.

But, mainly I've been on my knees. I have two friends in Uganda, Africa, right now picking up their children. Both families are friends from CPA/CPC and I have the privilege of following their stories on their blogs and facebook. I check on them a lot during the day and they are almost constantly on my mind/heart. I will post links to their blogs so you can follow if you are interested. What a concrete way to show and share the love for our great God by becoming parents to the parentless.

I know God is preparing my heart as it is a passion of Robert and Charissa to adopt when the time comes. I had always wondered if I could be a good Gigi to a child not of my family or nation, but just by following these journeys and all the journeys of people I know who have adopted, I have fallen in love with children I have never touched or held. I am so excited for the time when Robert and Charissa will bring a little one from somewhere around the globe to be in our family. Meanwhile, I will love on the ones around me.

Please lift up the Kecks, Mayernicks, Doyles, Oatsvalls, Madduxes and Jacksons as they go through this process.

If Drew and Tara have a blog, I can't find me out somebody!

I pray you have a blessed day!

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Anonymous said...

I've so enjoyed reading your blog. I've loved learning about your move, how you and Mark got your house, seeing the beautiful pictures, reading about your quilting, etc... Let me say, I love your home! It is just beautiful and I'm so happy that you and Mark have your dream home.

I told David that I had been in touch with you. He told me that recently a ref asked him about that good cake they used to have at CPA. David said it made him smile and think of you!

Which church did you all decide on? We've attended Second Baptist with Dr. Ed Young before. I really love listening to him preach. It's an awfully big church, though! That is where David's sister and her family go. Her kids went to school there, too.

Take care of yourself and let's stay in touch!
Ann Pack