Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pictures Finally!

At least some anyway. Welcome to our home. Here is the foyer.

Here is the dining room.

The family room.

The master bedroom.

A couple of the master bath......bigger than our bedroom in Nashville and yes, that is a two-person tub, wink, wink. Sometimes the empty nest is very nice.

Those are double closets. One of them is big, the other is REALLY big. Your guess whose is whose. HAHA!

The kitchen. Who is that woman? I LOVE my new cooktop!

The eat-in part of the kitchen.

The playroom or in our house, computer area. The bench is there so we can both see and skype to Colton, Ross & Lindsay at the same time. It's where we recently met a friend of Grace's.....wearing our bubba teeth and all! HA

One bedroom. Boxes are things I don't know if Grace wants to keep. When she comes next time she will go through them. That's Nanny's suitcase. She's visiting now!

Main guest room.....waiting for you! Sorry the quilt is a little crooked. I'll fix that before you come!

Nursery/future grandkids room.

There it is! I forgot to take outside pics.....those will come later! Enjoy!
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Lindsay said...

The house looks great! It's so spacious! I like the colors you picked and your new furniture, too. It must be exciting to be almost completely settled and your new place.
We're planning to (finally) post pics of our house today so tune into our blog for those! :)

Tracy Brothers said...

Wow! It is beautiful! I can't wait to see pics of the outside too. I'm so glad you have such a wonderful big space for your family to visit. You look wonderful too by the way!

Denise said...

Where are the pictures of your quilting studio and your long arm machine??

Love the house.....just wish it was in TN!