Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Decorations Pictures and requested Sewing Room Pics

Here is the mantle in the family room! There are 11 stockings hanging here! The stripey ones are the additions to our family, Lindsay, Charissa, and the reddest/greenest is COLTON'S waiting for Santa to fill!
This is taken from the family room looking into the kitchen. This is my cookie tree. All the ornaments are for cooking or made of things that are supposed to be edible. It was a lot of fun. Under it is my "It's a Wonderful Life Village." My Dickens is still in Nashville! It will be here Dec. 18, so it won't see the light of day this year!
This is our Christmas tree. The first year to use a pre-lit tree. It sits in the art niche as they call it in Texas (common in houses here). Just off the entry.

This is my sewing room from the doorway. Jane is positioned at an angle (she is sooo long!). That cabinet was made by my daddy for mama, but he signed the back that it was to go to me. Mama let me go ahead and have it. I love having it there to hold all my supplies. You will also notice my "T For Texas, T For Tennessee" quilt hanging on the wall. The center of that top was made by my precious Hope House Quilters for me. Then they gave me fabrics to complete it as I chose. I used Terry Atkinson's Monterrey Medallion for the setting. My sewing hutch is to the right. On the opposite wall is a bookshelf with all my books, patterns, and assorted kits, etc.

The Sewing Hutch ready to go!


Rita said...

Your new house is beautiful! I especially am fond of your sewing room... so well organized.

Kay said...

Your house is so bee-u-tee-ful with its decorations. Your sewing room is amazing! It makes me happy to see you settled in. Hope you all had a wonderful was so good to see at the party!
Love you bunches...
P.S. Loved Colton's new pix..he is growing like a (tumble)weed!

Tracy Bro said...

Wow! You have a beautiful new home! I'm so glad you have room for all your sewing.

lucy kate said...

Connie I am sending you a message
don't faint. I enjoyed all of it. The pictures are great. That little boy looks like Stowers. What a double chin.So cute. Love you,Mom