Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

I know I've been slacking in my blogging duties, but life has been busy with Thanksgiving and all.

We've had visitors from the East! Mike and Francine Creecy, some of our best friends dating back to our days in Russellville, KY, were here for Thanksgiving. Their oldest daughter, Rebecca, and her hubby, Brad, live here in Houston, so we spent Thanksgiving together. The Creecy's younger daughter, Sarah, was with us, as was Grace and we had a great time eating, watching football (GO TITANS!) putting together a puzzle, playing Wii and finally singing karioke! Yes, even Mark participated! So fun. It was a different Thanksgiving from any we've ever had, but it was great fun. We missed our families so much, but having the Creecy clan here was certainly a sweet gift. To add to that, Sarah will be moving here in January, so there will be more reasons for Mike and Francine to visit!

I picked up Grace from the airport on Wednesday and we made a beeline for the Galleria, a huge 3 story mall in Houston. We had fun looking at all the stores we couldn't afford to even go in and shopping the sales at Neiman Marcus. Grace found a purse she loved on SALE for $1400.00 and I looked at bargain shoes for my niece, Lucy. I saw lots she would have loved on sale from $900 or so to the $600 range. What a great buy:) If you believe we purchased anything, you don't really know me! It was fun to shop, but really crazy to think people really spend that much on purses and shoes! I feel extravagant to spend $50 on a knockoff purse! Give me Target anyday!

Grace and I hit the sales at Kohls and Target on Friday. We did really find some great things. Ho, Ho, Ho! Then we adjourned home where Grace spent the rest of the entire day on a project for school. She spent most of Saturday on it, too. It paid off, though, as she earned a 169 out of a possible 170 on this huge project. Yea for Grace! It was wonderful just having her in the house.

We took Bear and Dixie to the very large and nice "Millie Bush Bark Park" in the George Bush (the first one) park near our house. It has two very large cement ponds for the dogs to swim and both had a great time. They were worn out by the time we got home and Dixie needed aspirin the next day for her aching muscles!

We put up the Christmas tree on Saturday and I must admit there were a few tears. It was a new tree (we bought it on sale last year), in a new house, in a new city. Sometimes homesickness creeps in which is only natural I suppose. Rest assured, though, God is here and comforts me all the time! I'm reminded of those who went to far places all throughout history and God was with them as He is by my side constantly. We are a continuing line of people following where God would have us be. And if He is with us, it doesn't matter where we are. I am complete with Him. My Jesus Calling for today tells me that "those who have drawn near Him trustingly uttering His Name will be filled with inexpressble and glorious joy. (I Peter 1:8-9). " (By the way, if you need a great devotional book, try Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. It's wonderful!)

I'm continuing to practice on my quilting machine. The mechanics of it are improving, but I have a way to go before I put my needle in anyone else's work!

There is a new update about Colton from Lindsay on her blog. There are cute pictures of him as well. He is so long! Totally off the charts.

I've made a new friend at church. Her name is Joy and we went to lunch and on a tour of Sugarland, TX, yesterday. She has been an answer to prayer for a sweet friendship. We share a love of being creative. She makes beautiful jewelry, paper art with handmade cards and things and is also an accomplished potter. I'm sure she will appear in pictures soon. We were invited to dinner with their small group (called Life Groups here) before an event at church next Sunday evening. It's called Christmas Cafe and a couple from the church makes all these great desserts and there is a coffeehouse type show of Christmas music performed. We are really looking forward to that!

By the way, we have a new email provider, thus a new address. I wasn't able to save my address book, so email me with your address! My new address is I look forward to hearing from you!

Well, I'll stop for now. The trouble with waiting to post is that the post becomes soo long!

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