Monday, December 8, 2008


It's funny, (not really, just a part of God's hand in my life and definitely NOTby accident) but I've been re-reading some novels by Francine Rivers, the Mark of the Lion series beginning with A Voice in the Wind. They chronicle the fictitious life of the daughter of Jairus' son, the boy Jesus raised from the dead. This girl, Hadassah, was the only one of her family to survive the Roman invasion of Jerusalem and was sold into slavery in Rome. She served her owners with love and dignity. She was continually thankful for her life and where God had put her to serve despite her very difficult circumstances and hardships and persecution. I know it's fiction, but it reminds me of how I need to look past myself and see the greater purposes God has for me and my life. I highly recommend this series of 3 novels. It helps me to put my circumstances in perspective. Surely there were those like this fictional girl who were bold enough to share their faith, love their captors, and give themselves to the truth of the gospel no matter the cost. Something to ponder. and I have a lot of time for pondering these days. (copied from a letter I wrote to a friend.....So, Friend, if you are reading this, I wrote it to YOU first! Thanks Sweet Friend!) Go to the library or bookstore and CHECK IT OUT!

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Tracy Bro said...

Connie - I love your blog. Sorry I hadn't read it sooner. I've been so behind in everything. I just read Redeeming Love for the first time recently and LOVED it! I am recommending it to everyone. I've been wondering about The Voice in the Wind. I'll have to try it next. I miss you!